SMO Services

SMO Services : Social Media marketing is all about engaging your customer and building online reputation management with progress of your organization, providing them in-depth coverage of all your events and happenings and keeping them up-to-date with everything new related to you.

There are more people visitng Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn, Twitter etc, than the ones using search engines.

Advantage of Social Media Marketing:
Through social media marketing, you can customize your information according to the needs of each group and get more brand loyalty. You get first hand feedback from clients to work upon, and you save on media waste, as you focus on individual groups at once. Since more than 35% of the buyers use social media for researching on a product, you have a large market to target.

Are you confusing social media advertising with social media marketing?
They are absolutely different concepts. In social media advertising, you broadcast your product on social networks or Medias, but in social media marketing, you participate in the conversations by means of content, videos, pictures, blogs, discussion through forums, social bookmarking sites, Q &A sites, etc. Through this medium you do not rein the message like in advertising, but just participate in it and keep the above 4 values of social media marketing in mind to make it more effective.

6 Ways That Facebook is Better Than LinkedIn :

1. Facebook has created a development platform that makes it easier to create custom web pages. It’s really hard to do the same thing, with the same ease, with the same nicely designed results on LinkedIn.

2. All those business people are already on Facebook. They may not have joined with business in mind, but they are there. The majority of the 800+ million are involved in business.

3. You can find them. Just like on LinkedIn, you can customize your search to find the people you want to reach.

4. You can find their friends too. Facebook is much more effective than LinkedIn at exponential reach through friends of friends, and it is likely that your business audience is connected with their professional peers on Facebook.

5. You can protect them, if you need to. You can create closed, invitation only communities and protect the information about individuals within that community.

6. People spend more time on Facebook. It turns out that this last point is a big deal when comparing Facebook to LinkedIn.
People log onto LinkedIn for a few key reasons:

  • To update their resume
  • To post a job
  • To look for a job
  • To make a connection, often associated with posting or looking for a job

People go onto Facebook for many, many other reasons, and as a result, they go onto Facebook a lot more often, and spend a lot more time on it. Businesses that take advantage of business people who are spending time on Facebook will engage with those business users.

I have seen studies showing that business people spend more time on LinkedIn. Hmmm. The studies are flawed. They typically ask where do business people go today for business information. Well, if we B2B marketers aren’t using Facebook for business, then of course, they get their information today from LinkedIn. Duh. The results of these studies will change only when you change your approach.

How the Social Media Buzz Starts?
  • Building brand awareness and increasing the reach
  • Engage and interact with loyal customers
  • Drive traffic online and offline
  • No automated softwares

Social Networking via Social Media is almost synonymous with online PR, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Forums, Blogging, Community Building, Conversations and a lot more. With the days passing by, it has become a quintessential tool to succeed, be it big business houses or small and medium enterprises (SMEs). While earlier PR & Branding meant huge expenditure and simultaneously brick-and-mortar presence, Social Media has added itself to the list due to surplus audience present on the medium. However, there are businesses who assume that the medium is meant for FMCG manufacturers and B2C products market segment.

SMO Package :

Face Book Fan / Group Page Creation
Fan Seeding
Vanity URL Creation ( name or keyword)
Profile Banner Design
Twitter Page Creation
Friend Seeding
Profile Background Design
Video Marketing
Video Optimization for Search Engines
Blog Writing
Blog  Submission
Search Engine Submission
RSS Feed Submission
One PR Writing and Submission in  Sites (Includes account creation)
Do-Follow Social Bookmarking
Article Writing and Submission Sites (Includes account creation)
  • How You Can Benefit:

    1. Increase Revenue

    We identify new opportunities in consumer-generated content and increase user engagement with your brand.

    2. Create Powerful Customer Relationships

    The creation of valuable customer relationships through social media networks increases brand loyalty, cultivation of a rich network of evangelists and ongoing dialogue that will inform future marketing initiatives or product development.

    3. Amplified Brand Presence

    We seed branded messages within existing online conversations to amplify marketing efforts and manage brand’s public perception through social media communities.

    4. Increased Traffic to Site

    Increased search engine visibility effectively drives traffic to your site from high growth channels. Social media marketing, along with SEO, can help you gain multiple listings on search engine results pages, resulting in direct and indirect search engine traffic.

    5. Competitive Market Insight

    We compile valuable data on user behavior and interests which help clients better understand your customers’ needs.

    6. New Product and Content Creation

    Opportunity exploring new distribution channels for existing content, your business can leverage insight from the community to develop new products or services.

  • Our SMO packages start from 300 USD Per Month. To know more about our SMO services.
    please email us at:


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